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Required for all new clients.  Current clients only need to submit changes from current measurements on file.

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My waist measurement.
My hips measurement for regular pants.
My hips measurement for wheelchair style pants.
My thigh girth measurement.
My calf girth measurement.
My inseam (length) measurement.
Back Rise.

We will be closed from 5/10/2016 to 5/20/2016.  We will resume business on 5/23/2016.


NEW CLIENTS:  All new clients will be charged a one time service fee of $75 for the drafting of your personal custom pattern.  After submitting measurements, you will need to order one pair of pants only for your first order.  We will make your order using your newly drafted pattern.  Once you receive your order, if adjustments are needed, just ship them back to us and we will make adjustments or remake pants if needed at no additional charge to you.  Your pattern will be altered or remade as well, again at no additional charge to you.  We will ship your altered pants to you free of charge.  You may then order any additional pants at your convenience. 

It is imperative that measurements are taken exactly as stated in our instructions in order to obtain the best results.  All patterns will remain the property of Anitavee's Adaptive Apparel.

WAIST:  Measure against bare skin, around the are you usually wear your pants.  NOTE: Measure in seated position for wheelchair use. There may be an extra charge for waist measurements over 56 inches.  Please contact us if this is the case.

HIPS (Regular Style Pants):  Measure around the fullest area of the hips. There may be an extra charge for hip measurements over 60 inches.  Please contact us if this is the case.

HIPS (Wheelchair Style Pants):  Measure as shown in picture below, tucking measuring tape no more than 1-2 inches under the posterior region and pulling tape snugly across lap. There may be an extra charge for hip measurements over 60 inches. Please contact us if this is the case.

THIGH GIRTH:  Measure around the thigh, about halfway between the hip and the knee.

CALF GIRTH:  Measure around the fullest are of the calf.  NOTE: If you are a legbag user,  be sure to measure the calf with a full legbag attached. There may be an extra charge for calf measurements greater than 30 inches. Please contact us if this is the case.

PANTS LENGTH (Inseam):  Measure length of pants you own starting at the inseam intersection and measure to the bottom of the inseam pant leg.

BACK RISE:  On the pair of pants you own that fits you best,  measure from the inseam intersection in the crotch of the pants up the center back seam of the pants to the top of the waistband.  You may add additional inches to this measurement if you desire the rise to be even higher.

If you have other issues that may affect the fit of your pants (swollen ankles or legs, lymphedema, leg brace, short in stature, etc.), please call us toll-free at 1-888-246-8203 so that we can guide you through additional measurements.

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